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Groups affilated to PANA

AfrI -
Centre for Global Education
An Conrad Ceiltech / The Celtic League
Communications Workers Union
Communist Party of Ireland -
Cuba Support Group -
Dublin Council of Trade Unions
éirígí -
The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign -
Irish National Congress -
Mandate Union
National Platform -
Pax Christi
Republican Sinn Féin
Sinn Fein -
Tipperary Workers & Unemployed Group
Transport & Salaried Staff Association (TSSA) -
Unite the Union
Waterford Community Group (will check)
Worker's Party
World Without War


Jimmy Kelly (President)
Commander Robert Green
Bruce Kent (Vice-President)

The President and Vice-Presidents are prominent individuals who have agreed to support our objectives.

17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.
- tel: +353 +1 235 1512 - email: - web: