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The constitution of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance

  1. The name of the organization is the peace and neutrality alliance.
  2. The objectives of the peace and neutrality alliance are;
  3. a. It is within the OSCE and a reformed United Nations and not the EU, that Ireland should pursue its security concerns.

    b) Ireland should pursue a positive neutrality and independent foreign policy and not join or form an association with any military alliances such as the WEU or NATO.

    c) Ireland should seek to promote European and international security through a policy of disarmament and demilitarization and should therefore oppose the militarisation of the EU.

    d) Ireland should refuse to cooperate with or condone in any way policies or military groupings, which maintain weapons of mass destruction.

    e) Irish troops should only serve abroad as peacekeepers under the auspices of the UN.
  4. Membership is open to all groups and individuals that agree With its objectives.
  5. PANA shall hold an annual Conference to elect the Following positions;
    International Secretary
    Research Officer
    Public relations Officer
    3 ordinary members

    The National Executive of PANA shall consist of the members elected at the Annual Conference and a representative of each of the affiliated groups. Each individual and affiliated group that has paid the annual affiliation fee shall have one vote at the AGM.

    The National Executive has the right to co-opt 3 members. The National Executive shall implement policy in accordance with PANA’s aims and objectives. It shall decide the frequency of meetings. The National Executive shall appoint an honorary President and Vice –Presidents. In the event of an elected member leaving before the next AGM, the National Executive shall have the right to fill the vacancy via co-option.
  6. The Chair of PANA shall be the principal spokesperson for PANA. The Chair must consult with the secretary, or in the unavailability of the Secretary, one of the other officers, on issues that arise not previously agreed by the NE.
  7. The articles of the Constitution of PANA can be changed by way of resolution presented to the Annual conference by an individual or affiliated group in writing a month before. A simple majority of those entitled to vote, except articles 1 and 2, which need a two-thirds majority, can change all articles.
  8. The Annual General Meeting is the supreme policy making body of PANA.

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