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PANA Officer Board

PANA Board/NEC members elected at AGM.

  • Chair: Roger Cole
  • Secretary: Padraig Mannion
  • Treasurer: Paddy Maguire
  • Communications Officer:  Tom Crilly
  • International Secretary: Dr Ed Horgan
  • Research Officer: Stephan O'Kelly
  • Ordinary Members:
    Josh Brady (To act as Youth Officer)
    Michael Youton
    Gearoid Kilgallan
    Daltún O'Ceallaig

The full PANA Board/NEC is constituted by members elected at the AGM and
a representative appointed by each affiliated Group.

17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.
- tel: +353 +1 235 1512 - email: - web: