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Articles by Rae Street - CND UK

- 'NO TO NATO' Notes From The International Counter Summit in Lisbon - December 2010
- NATO and the Military Industrial Complex - November 2010
- NO TO NATO - article for Scottish CND - September 2009

Rae has been involved in anti-nuclear, anti-militarism and peace campaigning for more than three decades. She is a long time activist in CND UK (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), whose ‘logo’ is recognised as a peace symbol throughout the world.  In her campaigning work she has been particularly concerned to build up links with international campaigners and nuclear resisters, both in Europe and the United States.  One of the main issues she has written and spoken about has been the dangerous expansion of NATO and the rise of militarism within the European Union.

Irish Participation in Nordic Battlegroup
- 02/12/2010 Press release

Foreign Policy Conference

Contributions from the Irish Foreign Policy Conference:

Irish military exports worth €10.7bn
- Conor Ryan, Irish Examiner

The Irish Military Industrial Complex
- Jamie Smyth, Irish Times

Justice, not revenge, is the way to peace
Follow up from the Irish Times 2001 article
- Roger Cole

Patrick Comerford's Hiroshima Day address:
'Get ready for the future: it is murder'

Edward Horgan's PhD thesis (1.54MB download):

The United Nations – Beyond Reform?
The Collective Insecurity of the International System and the Prospects for Sustainable Global Peace and Justice

Survey on US Army's use of Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport, the Afghan War & the Fall of the US Empire
- Roger Cole
Chair, Peace & Neutrality Alliance

U.S. Army at Shannon Airport – Unjustifiable On Any Level
John Lannon, Shannonwatch
Speech given at Public Meeting ‘US Army Out of Shannon; Troops Out of Afghanistan’, Wynn’s Hotel Dublin 27 May 2010. Organised by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) and the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM)

The EU in the 21st Century - a Democratic or Imperial Future?
Speech to the Ireland Institute - 22/4/10
- Roger Cole
Chair, Peace & Neutrality Alliance

NAMA Proclaimation
The NAMA Proclaimation
From - download PDF

Votes in European Parliament
Joe Higgins report on the growing links between NATO and the EU and the acceleration of the militarisation of the EU.

American Iraqi war veteran speaks out

Mapping the troop deployment to Afghanistan
- Hans Lammerant

How to Exit Afghanistan
- by Selig S. Harrison

Dail question - 243,000 troops through Shannon Airport
- Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin

Presentation to PANA AGM
by John Lannon, Shannonwatch

The Bush-Obama Wars 2001-2012
and the Fall of the American Empire

- Roger Cole, PANA AGM

Oireactas Question on Irish Troop deployment with NATO ISAF in Afghanistan
- Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin

LISBON NATO Counter Summit November 2010  by Michael Youlton
An information article about the Lisbon Counter-Summit and a preliminary analysis of the new  NATO Strategy document discussed and agreed in Lisbon.


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