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TFF Statment on a Cooperation Declaration signed by the top leaders of the United Nations and NATO.
(December 2008)

The European Union’s Blind Eye
How the EU ignores Israel’s failure to fulfil its obligations under EU agreements.
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign - October 2008


Lisbon Treaty
Feelings about the Lisbon Treaty by David McDermott

The Strategic Game to Undermine the Irish Vote on Lisbon
speech by Kieran Allen, National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party
to the Peace & Neutrality Alliance Annual Conference 29/11/08

The European Treaty
Speech by Hans van Heijningen, SP general secretary, on the conference of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Saturday 29’th of November in Dublin

The Lisbon Treaty No Vote -A Defeat for Imperialism
Roger Cole speech to the Peace & Neutrality Alliance Annual Conference (29th of November 2008)

The Future of Ireland's Military Policies and Practices Within the NATO-EU Context
by Andy Storey: Centre for Development Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin; and Action from Ireland (Afri) 4th November 2008

From Venus to Mars - The European Union’s steps towards the militarisation of space
A TNI briefing paper in cooperation with Campagne tegen Wapenhandel - the Dutch Campaign against Arms Trade.
by Frank Slijper, November 2008.

DRAFT REPORT on the role of NATO in the security architecture of the EU
- Committee on Foreign Affairs - Rapporteur: Ari Vatanen (16.10.2008)
Download document (pdf file, 50 Kb): AFET_PR(2008)414153_EN.pdf
The link between NATO and a militarised EU that PANA has continually stated is shown to be totally accurate.

The U.S.-Iraq Agreement on Maintaining U.S. Troops in Iraq
by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies (21 October 2008)

Changing media landscape in Ireland between 2002-2008 and its implications for public opinion about the European Union
(published October 2008)

What Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen should now do on Lisbon
by Anthony Coughlan, Secretary
The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre (September 2008)

Cheney, Bush and the Georgia crisis
by Andrew Murray (Tuesday 12 August 2008)

New poll finds Irish voters are strongly against a second referendum
(27 July 2008)

War and the Lisbon Treaty
by Roger Cole (17 July 2008)

The European Defence Agency: Arms for War and Profit
by Carol Fox, Research Officer, PANA (July 2008)

Militarism, Neoliberalism, Elitism: The Agenda of the French EU Council Presidency
by Tobias Pflüger, MEP (July 2008)

EU Watch
issue 11 - May/June 2008
A Publication of the Independence / Democracy Group

5 Reasons to Vote NO to Lisbon (pdf file 2.4 Mb)
Leaflet by éirígí
éirígí is part of the Campaign Against the European Union Constitution, which comprises various Irish political parties, trade unions and interest groups committed to facing down the Lisbon Treaty.

What kind of Europe do you want?
by Roger Cole

A Critical Commentary on the National Forum on Europe's "Summary Guide to the Treaty of Lisbon"
(May 2008)

The Militarisation of Ireland’s Foreign and Defence Policy: A Decade of Betrayal, and the Challenge of Renewal
Written and researched by Mark Doris (May 2008)

An Alternative Guide to the Lisbon Treaty
by Sinn Féin (May 2008)

Gerry Adams MP Address to NFOE
(May 2008)

The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy: Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke
by Chalmers Johnson, Le Monde diplomatique (26 April 2008)

Partnership Europe of Imperial Europe
by Roger Cole (24 April 2008)

The Impact of the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights
EU Watch - issue 10 - Feb/Mar 2008

Irish Foreign Affairs
Volume 1, Number 1 April - June 2008

éirígí say no to the Lisbon treaty – Say Yes To Democracy And Independence
(3 April 2008)

No To Europe as an Empire: The Militarization of The EU Must Be Stopped
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche (7 April, 2008)

Promoting greed over need - Lisbon & Neo-liberalism
speech given by Daithí Mac An Mhaistír (éirígí) at a meeting organinsed by Anti-War Ireland, in Cork City on Thursday, 27th March, 2008

Yes to Europe NO to SuperstateIrish Independence or European Superstate
A European Battle fought on Irish soil (February 2008)

The Lisbon Treaty - Centralization and Neoliberalism
by Jonas Sjöstedt (February 2008)

20 reasons to say NO to the Lisbon Treaty
by Eoin Ó Broin (An Phoblacht - 17, January 2008)


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