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Neutrality Bill Defeated

"Shannon Airport is a virtual forward base of the US military"
Dr. Tom Clonan, Security Analyst of the Irish Times giving expert witness at the trial of Deputies Daly & Wallace at their trial in the Ennis Courthouse 24/2/15

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail Labour combine to ensure the defeat of the Neutrality Bill to ensure the continuing use of Shannon Airport as a US Airforce base.
Read the debate and the vote.


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Public Meeting The Irish Neutrality League and the Imperialist War 1914-18

Paul Murphy MEP on the EU:
Speech by Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party Dublin Constituency (Word Doc).

Frank Slijper on the EU:
Speech by Frank Slijper, Senior Researcher of the Dutch Campaign Against the Arms Trade (PDF).

Filipe Ferreira on the EU

Speech by Lynn Boylan, Sinn Fein candidate for the Dublin Constituency of the EU Parliament (Word doc).

Connolly Media-Group
Shannon Watch
On the 13th Oct 2013 the yearly trip to Shannon airport was held by PANA to demonstrate against the use of the airport as a hub for American troops and equipment since 2001.

Video of PANA Public Meeting on SYRIA


In the event of Obama launching an illegal war on Syria PANA calls upon all opponents of his war to protest outside the US embassy on the evening of the attack.

Interview with the speakers at the PANA public meeting on Syria (7/9/13)

Syria: Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed

NATO or Neutrality? Debate by Irish Anti-War Movement

Shannon Poster

Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway - Part 1

Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway - Part 2

Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway - Part 3

Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway - Part 4


The EU/US/Israeli axis is planning to go to war with Iran, a war which will be much worse that the Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan wars. PANA intends to do all it can to stop the war.
Download: Attacks_in_Iran.pdf and What_War_With_Iran_Might_Look_Like.pdf

The US Army and Shannon Airport

International Solidarity Campaign

President Obama and US troops in Shannon Airport

Since 2001 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance in Ireland has campaigned against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops during war in accordance with international law as stated in the Hague Convention of 1907.

Support the Irish peace movement’s campaign to terminate the use of Shannon Airport by US troops on their way to and from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

See the groups that have done so already.


The Peace & Neutrality Alliance was established to advocate an independent Irish foreign policy, maintain Irish neutrality and promote a transformed United Nations as the organisation through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns.

It is open to all groups and individuals that accept our objectives.

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Since 1996 PANA has campaigned against the integration of Ireland into the US/EU/NATO military structures, and in particular, the use of Shannon Airport by the US military on their way to and from their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

In 2009 Ed Horgan, International Secretary of PANA was granted a 10 year visa to visit the USA. In January 2010 it was revoked after Ed had received an invitation to speak at a conference in Duke University, North Carolina on torture and extradition. After intensive lobbying Ed was granted a 3 month visa to attend the conference. This was a victory for the Irish and US peace movements. It was a defeat of those in favour of war and who seek to destroy free speech.
(Powerpoint presentation of Ed's address to the conference).

Part of that campaign is to for the first time actively seek to increase our individual membership. Please download this membership form, print out a few and distribute to your friends. These horrific wars will continue and the use of Shannon Airport in them will continue forever unless there are people willing to join PANA and/or other peace groups in large enough numbers to end them. Its up to you.

US Army out of Shannon poster    Restore Irish Independence Democracy and Neutrality poster
New posters available, click on the image above.


17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.
- tel: +353 +1 235 1512 - email: - web:


No to War No to NATO

NATO are holding their conference in Newport in early September and peace groups in the UK have organised a major Counter-Summit in Wales & Cardiff and many other protests. Full details are available on their websites: and

Speakers from Ireland are Margaretta D'Arcy, Ed Horgan and Roger Cole from PANA, Senator David Cullinane from Sinn Fein and independent Mick Wallace TD.

The best way to get there is via Rosslare-Fishgard ( or fly Dublin to Cardiff.

Shannon policy facilitates Ireland's role in Iraq crisis
Opinion: The Army, born in a national struggle against imperialism, is being increasingly integrated into Battle Groups of the EU, a strategic military partner of Nato.
Roger Cole

Court Report on the Trial of Margaretta D'Arcy & Niall Farrell

Court Report 24062014 (rtf)

Shannonwatch Call for Investigation of Rendition Flights Through Shannon at Oireachtas Committee MeetingFor a copy of Shannonwatch's full submission to the Petitions Committee, click here or visit our website

See also

The Ukrainian regime is illegitimate - but the EU backs it to the hilt
David Morrison,
12 March 2014

A Second Crimean War?
Since 1996 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance has campaigned for the right of the Irish people to have an independent foreign policy with Irish neutrality as its key component.
Read more

Margaretta D'Arcy & Shannon Airport
by Carol Fox in Peace News


The Minister for Defence, Mr. Alan Shatter declared his intention to carry out a review of Irish Defence Policy and asked for submissions. PANA published its submission (see attached) and was asked to discuss it with the Dept. of Defence Review Committee.
Also attached is the Sinn Fein (an affiliate of PANA) Defence Review Submission.

Since Mr. Alan Shatter is on record (see NATO Review interview) as saying that Irish neutrality is irrelevant, despite the fact that the RecC poll commissioned by PANA showed that 78% of the Irish people support neutrality, there can be little doubt that submissions supporting neutrality will be ignored in the White Paper when published in 2014. The tide of history however, is with those of us who support Irish Independence, Democracy and Neutrality. Those who seek to restore imperialism as a permanent ideology, like Mr. Shatter, such as the Prime Minister of GB recently discovered, no longer can do so easily, despite the support of the corporate media. The dustbins of history awaits them.

30th of November
organised by The Stop the WAR Coalition
Speech by Ed Horgan, International Secretary, PANA (Word doc 32KB)

The Militarisation of the EU

The EU Parlament recently (12/9/2013) approved a Report entitled: "EU Structures: State of Play and Future Prospects" which called for a fully fledged EU Military Headquarters, stronger EU Battle Groups, more financial expenditure on military equipment and closer relations with the NATO, a nuclear armed military alliance.
How the MEP's voted (including Irish MEP's) can be seen on:

Martina Anderson MEP, one of Ireland's MEP's and a member of Sinn Fein, voted against and her speech is attached.

Leaders Questions Shannon and Syria by Clare Daly

RedC Poll on Irish Neutrality & Syria
(PDF - 335KB)

COURT REPORT on Margaretta Darcy and Niall Farrell's Shannon Airport Protest

ican - Ban Nuclear Weapons Now


EU military spending is 'elephant in the room' and key factor in European debt crisis, argues new report

At a time of harsh cuts in social services, it is morally unjustifiable to spend money on weapons that should be invested in creating jobs and tackling poverty.

The use of Shannon Airport by the US troops destroyed the long standing policy of Irish Neutrality.

John Lannon of Shannonwatch with the support of PANA and the IAWM has published the booklet:"Shannon Airport, War and Renditions"

The EU As a Driving Force of Armament
Pressure In Terms of Arms Build-Up, War Chests, and a Military-Industrial Complex for the World Power Europe
- Jürgen Wagner


On July 1 for a six month period over 150 Irish soldiers are taking part in a 3,000 strong German led EU Battlegroup that can be sent anywhere in the world  including Syria or Iran to take part in a war if the EU Council of Ministers decide to do so. 

The PANA discussion document "The Battle Groups of the European Empire"  provides an analysis of how this happened and how the people of the different nations living in the emerging Empire need to work together to oppose it. 

Another Europe is possible.

Some facts about Iran’s nuclear activities (PDF)
Dr David Morrison
Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Professor Noam Chomsky's lecture in Dublin
at the RDS on April 3, 2013
sponsored by Frontline Defenders.

Irish CND policy paper now available
Irish CND's new policy paper on Irish financing of companies involved in the nuclear weapons industry, Ireland, Irish finance and the Nuclear Weapons Industry, was launched to mark UN International Day of Peace on September 21, and has been widely welcomed internationally by other organisations campaigning for the abolition of nuclear weapons. The report calls for changes in legislation to prohibit investment by Irish state bodies (such as the National Pensions Reserve Fund) in companies involved in the nuclear weapons industry. In tandem with this, Eoghan Murphy TD has introduced a Private Members Bill which would give effect to several of the reports key recommendations, The Nuclear Weapons (Prohibition of Investments) Bill 2012. For more information, see

The international journal for independent thought, ethical standards, moral responsibility, and for the promotion and respect of public international law, human rights and humanitarian law
28 March 2013 - No 13

The growing links between NATO and the EU were a key feature of the NATO conference in Chicago. One of the best sites based in the USA is STOP NATO run by Rick Rozoff.
PANA strongly recommends the site.

Stop NATO e-mail list home page with archives and search engine:

Stop NATO website and articles:

To subscribe for individual e-mails or the daily digest, unsubscribe, and otherwise change subscription status:

Global Day of Action on Military Spending April 15, 2013


Extract from Dail Debate where the Irish Minster for Foreign Affairs states his refusal to search US planes landing in Shannon Airport to ensure they are not carrying prisoners to torture chambers

Irish Foreign Affairs

- Volume 7, Number 1: March 2014 - download PDF
Previous editions:
- Volume 6, Number 4: December 2013 - download PDF
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- Volume 1, Number 1: April-June 2008 - download PDF


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The AGM of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance was held on Saturday, December 4 in the Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Here is the text of two of the speeches from the AGM:
1. Building the New Republic by Roger Cole, Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance 2. Scrap Trident by Alan Mackinnon, Chair of Scottish CND

* POLICY DOCUMENTS by PANA National Executive

NO to War NATO and the Lisbon Treaty 
(September 2009)

Irish Independence or European Superstate
A European Battle fought on Irish soil (February 2008)
By Carol Fox, Research Officer of PANA

The EU BATTLE GROUPS: Regiments of the Empire
by Roger Cole (updated May 2006)

The EU Constitution - Policy document by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (November 2004).



Shannonwatch holds a regular vigil on the 2nd Sunday of every month
from 2-3pm at the Shannon Airport Roundabout.
Contact Tel: +353 878225087