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by Roger Cole,
Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Address to Greaves School
by Roger Cole, Chair of PANA
September 15

Neutrality Bill Defeated

"Shannon Airport is a virtual forward base of the US military"
Dr. Tom Clonan, Security Analyst of the Irish Times giving expert witness at the trial of Deputies Daly & Wallace at their trial in the Ennis Courthouse 24/2/15

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail Labour combine to ensure the defeat of the Neutrality Bill to ensure the continuing use of Shannon Airport as a US Airforce base.
Read the debate and the vote.

No to War No to NATO

NATO are holding their conference in Newport in early September and peace groups in the UK have organised a major Counter-Summit in Wales & Cardiff and many other protests. Full details are available on their websites: and

Speakers from Ireland are Margaretta D'Arcy, Ed Horgan and Roger Cole from PANA, Senator David Cullinane from Sinn Fein and independent Mick Wallace TD.

The best way to get there is via Rosslare-Fishgard ( or fly Dublin to Cardiff.


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