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Shannon policy facilitates Ireland's role in Iraq crisis
Opinion: The Army, born in a national struggle against imperialism, is being increasingly integrated into Battle Groups of the EU, a strategic military partner of Nato.
Roger Cole

Court Report on the Trial of Margaretta D'Arcy & Niall Farrell

Court Report 24062014 (rtf)

Shannonwatch Call for Investigation of Rendition Flights Through Shannon at Oireachtas Committee MeetingFor a copy of Shannonwatch's full submission to the Petitions Committee, click here or visit our website

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The Ukrainian regime is illegitimate - but the EU backs it to the hilt
David Morrison,
12 March 2014

A Second Crimean War?
Since 1996 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance has campaigned for the right of the Irish people to have an independent foreign policy with Irish neutrality as its key component.
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Margaretta D'Arcy & Shannon Airport
by Carol Fox in Peace News


The Minister for Defence, Mr. Alan Shatter declared his intention to carry out a review of Irish Defence Policy and asked for submissions. PANA published its submission (see attached) and was asked to discuss it with the Dept. of Defence Review Committee.
Also attached is the Sinn Fein (an affiliate of PANA) Defence Review Submission.

Since Mr. Alan Shatter is on record (see NATO Review interview) as saying that Irish neutrality is irrelevant, despite the fact that the RecC poll commissioned by PANA showed that 78% of the Irish people support neutrality, there can be little doubt that submissions supporting neutrality will be ignored in the White Paper when published in 2014. The tide of history however, is with those of us who support Irish Independence, Democracy and Neutrality. Those who seek to restore imperialism as a permanent ideology, like Mr. Shatter, such as the Prime Minister of GB recently discovered, no longer can do so easily, despite the support of the corporate media. The dustbins of history awaits them.


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