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The use of Shannon Airport by the US troops destroyed the long standing policy of Irish Neutrality.

John Lannon of Shannonwatch with the support of PANA and the IAWM has published the booklet:"Shannon Airport, War and Renditions"

The EU As a Driving Force of Armament
Pressure In Terms of Arms Build-Up, War Chests, and a Military-Industrial Complex for the World Power Europe
- Jürgen Wagner

Extract from Dail Debate where the Irish Minster for Foreign Affairs states his refusal to search US planes landing in Shannon Airport to ensure they are not carrying prisoners to torture chambers

Irish CND policy paper now available
Irish CND's new policy paper on Irish financing of companies involved in the nuclear weapons industry, Ireland, Irish finance and the Nuclear Weapons Industry, was launched to mark UN International Day of Peace on September 21, and has been widely welcomed internationally by other organisations campaigning for the abolition of nuclear weapons. The report calls for changes in legislation to prohibit investment by Irish state bodies (such as the National Pensions Reserve Fund) in companies involved in the nuclear weapons industry. In tandem with this, Eoghan Murphy TD has introduced a Private Members Bill which would give effect to several of the reports key recommendations, The Nuclear Weapons (Prohibition of Investments) Bill 2012. For more information, see

Some facts about Iran’s nuclear activities (PDF)
Dr David Morrison
Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Shannonwatch/PANA Protest Against the US Military Use of Shannon Airport

Articles by Jean Bricmont
Jean Brimont is Europe's leading opponent of the new Imperialist doctrine called "humanitarian intervention". He is also the author of Humanitarian Imperialism.

Why Humanitarian Interventionism is a Dead End
Beware the Anti-Anti-War Left
December 04, 2012

The Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy
February 20, 2012
"Responsibility to Protect" as Imperial Tool

Responsibility to Protect?
in Monthly Review

Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialism

ican - Ban Nuclear Weapons Now


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