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Video of Roger Cole from EU in Crisis Conference

Two papers from the EU in Crisis Conference
- Should Ireland stay in the Euro (PDF) by Frank Keoghan,
General President of TEEU
- Europe's Imperial or Democratic Future (PDF) by Roger Cole,
Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance

EU in CrisisThe EU in Crisis
- Prospects for Regaining Ireland's Sovereignty

Friday 7th - Saturday 8th October 2011
Ireland Institute, Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

This Conference was organised by
Feachtas-Campaign for a Social Europe, the People’s Movement and the Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Download the conference poster



Lobbying Brussels cover - download PDF     Lobbying Warfare cover - download PDF

EU armament conference

EDA Chief: Space Technologies Key for ISR
By Julian Hale

"The EU military-industrial complex: Sources, Actors, Outcomes"
Iraklis Oikonomou Conference notes & Powerpoint presentation

The  High  Ground  of  the  European Union’s  Emerging  Military  Policies
by Frank  Slijper  

Report on The Economic Crisis & EU Military Expenditure (pdf)
From the European Parliment website

NATO's Agenda for Libya
Qaddafi, From Beginning to End

by VIJAY PRASHAD, published in

2011-05-27: Mission Accomplished: Obama Visit Quashes Cancellation of Military Stopover in Ireland
In the wake of Obama's visit, the Irish government has abandoned its plans to discontinue U.S military stopovers in Shannon airport.
Read more here.

Declaration of Thingamajig
Obama and his linguistic wars
- Mark Fiore, political cartoons

Irish National Democracy V Imperialism (PDF)
Speech by Roger Cole, Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance at the Eirigi Saoire Eire Conference 7/5/2011

The Peace Movement vs. EU and NATO
Speech of the Executive Secretary WPC Iraklis Tsavdaridis at the public meeting organized in Dublin by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) of Ireland on 24th March 2011

Reality Radio: Ireland's New Politics
As Ireland undergoes a major political shift, Kate Hudson interviews Roger Cole from the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance about what the post-election changes mean, including the impending end to US military flights via Shannon airport.
Download podcast here:

Europe, NATO and the Future awaiting (PDF)
by Michael Youlton
Executive Member
Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Has the US given up on a nuclear-free world?
- Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND
Published on, Saturday 5 February 2011

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