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Reply to Irish Times article re Le Pen coming to Ireland for Lisbon Treaty referendum Campaign
by Joe Higgins (December 2007)

The Big EU Con Trick
Why Trade Unionist should demand a Referendum on the EU's Renamed Constitution
TUAEUC - Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution

The 2007 Reform Treaty or the Renamed EU Constitution
October 2007 issue of EUWatch

No referendum for the Netherlands?
October 3, 2007 17:40 | Erik Meijer MEP

Iraq - The People's Report
Produced and distributed by United for Peace and Justice

Giving the EU a Federal State Constitution
What the so-called "Reform Treaty" - the Renamed EU Constitutional Treaty - would do

Independent National Survey shows Irish people oppose the use of Shannon
airport in the Iraq War

- Press Statement 24/4/07

Wolfe Tone & Willie O'Dea: Ón Neodracht go Díorma Catha an Aontais
- Feargus Mac Aogáin

A Better Europe Starts Now
by Harry van Bommel and Niels de Heij

The Spanish War
- you can also download it in pdf format: spanishwar.pdf

Iran: Why you should read Colonel Gardiner
- Ken Coates (October 2006)

Assessing the United Nations After the Lebanon War 2006
- By Richard Falk Princeton University and the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (August 2006)

Eu battlegroups legislation - a Policy statement by the Green Party
(June 2006)

The EU BATTLE GROUPS: Regiments of the Empire
by Roger Cole (updated May 2006)

Download the A4 posters: (PDF file, 482Kb)
'YES to Europe - NO to Superstate'
'Support Irish Neutrality Democracy & Independence'

Arming Big Brother - The EU's Security Research Programme.
- written by Ben Hayes, published by Statewatch-TNI (April 2006)

Bunreacht na hEorpa ar lar?
- Feargus Mac Aogain ( 26 - 04- 2006)

Special Report by Citizen of European Union State on Extraordinary Rendition for Torture.
A submission to The European Parliament, Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners (TDIP)
by Edward Horgan (20 April 2006)

Armed and Ready?
The EU Battlegroup Concept and the Nordic Battlegroup

by Jan Joel Andersson
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (March 2006

Tariq Ali speaking in Dublin
(15th Feb 2006)

EU BATTLE GROUPS: Theory and Development in the Light of Finnish-Swedish Co-operation
Strategian laitos – Department of Strategic and Defence Studies HELSINKI 2005

Submission to Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs:
Irish Involvement in Iraq War and Occupation and in Transport of Prisoners for Torture, at Shannon
by Delegation of Peace Activists: Edward Horgan, Mary Kelly, Tim Hourigan and Deirdre Morgan (Tuesday 20 December 2005)

Normative Power Europe? Economic Partnership Agreements and Africa
by Andy Storey (3rd December 2005)

Roger Cole speach/presentation at PANA AGM (26th of November 2005)

Lessons of nuclear catastrophe go unheeded
by Patrick Comerford (The Irish Times, 6 August 2005)

The emerging EU Military - Industrial Complex
Arms industry lobbying in Brussels
by Frank Slijper, Transnational Institute, TNI (May 2005)

A Partnership Europe
by Roger Cole (Mansion House, Dublin, seminar, 26 April 2005)

Yes to Europe - NO to Superstate
by Roger Cole (European Conference on the EU Constitution, London, 9 April 2005)

Taking the cons out of the constitution - A pro-european case against the Eu constitution.
by Caroline Lucas MEP,Green Party- based on research by Colin Hines (April 2005)

Institutional Reform and the European Constitution
by Cllr. Deirdre De Burca to a Seminar on the EU Constitution (19 April 2005)

PANA has affiliated to the Campaign Against the EU Constitution.

Militarization by treaty or why Europe's constitutional treaty is endangering peace
by Tobias Pflueger (25 March 2005)

New Undeclared Arms Race: America's Agenda for Global Military Domination
by Michel Chossudovsky (17 March 2005)

Trade unionists launch pamphlet against EU Constitution (1st March 2005)

Why the Left should Oppose the EU Constituton
Tony Coughlan, National Platform ( January 2005)

People's Movement paper
delivered at PANA seminar by Frank Keoghan - Secretary, People's Movement (4 December 2004)

Say NO to this EU Constitution!
IMI Informationsstelle Militarisierung e.V. and the Peace and Neutrality Alliance have established the European Peace Alliance on the basis of the Declaration drawn up by IMI. (December 2004)

The EU Constitution
Policy document by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance written by Carol Fox, Research Officer of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance and endorsed by the National Executive Committee. (November 2004).

A progressive case for reforming the EU
- Centre for a Social Europe publication
(Autumn 2004)

Building the Alliance for Peace
Speech by Roger Cole at the Desmond Greaves Summer School (August 2004)

Democracy & the EU
Presentation by Cllr. Deidre De Burca at the Desmond Greaves Summer School (August 2004)

HOT PRESS GOES TO WAR WITH WAR a special anti-war issue of Hot Press, (published Thursday 3rd June).

Positive Neutrality in Action - Sinn Féin policy for expanding Ireland’s role in international affairs (June 2004).

The EU A Partnership of Democratic States
PANA Press Statement on the EU Draft Constitution (23 October 2003)

PANA AGM speech by Kate Hudson: (23 October 2004)

Establishing a Constitution for Europe or the Foundation of an Imperial European Superstate - a Discussion document for the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (May 2004).

The European Project: Dismantling Social Democracy, Globalising Neoliberalism
Paper presented by Andy Storey at the conference 'Is Ireland a Democracy?', Sociology Department, National University of Ireland Maynooth (2nd/3rd April 2004).

A Constitution for Europe: A GREEN PARTY discussion document (April 2004)


To mark the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq PANA is making the postcard below available for download as pdf file

Neutrality postcard

Sinn Féin Press Releases on Ireland's neutrality and details of Vote taken on Neutrality Bill - PMB on Neutrality in Feb '03.... read more

Neutral?? Ireland on the slippery slopes back to the Somme?
by Edward Horgan, Newtown, Castletroy, Limerick (13th January 2004)

Horgan Vs Ireland
- Read the judgement of Mr. Justice Kearns - Download as PDF 200KB (April 2003)

Sign the petition to call for a referendum to enshrine neutrality in the Irish Constitution ( download word file 350Kb).

US Empire's conquest of Iraq: websites reference

Europe at the Crossroads: Health and Education as Business Opportunity?
Briefing Paper by the Democracy and Public Services in Europe group
(December 2003)

The power balance in an enlarged Europe (10 December 2003)

Ireland’s shame - not in our name (Air: Banna Strand) by Mícheál MacDonncha.

Irish Independence or American Empire, Dublin or Dallas
Speech to Fine Gael Forum on Neutrality (10th June 2003)

Irish Independence, Democracy, Neutrality and the United Nations
Irish Times article (27th May 2003)

The conquest of Iraq
Speech to Irish Labour Party Conference (9th May 2003)

War and Peace in the new century: Speech to Sinn Fein Ard Fheis
- 30th of March 2003

PANA submission to the Forum on Europe: Ireland and European Security
- 6th March 2003.

Speech by Roger Cole, Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance, to a meeting of the Muslim Students Association - 18 February 2003

Irish Neutrality and US Foreign Policy

Irish Independence Democracy and Neutrality.
Read also:
- After Nice
- Restoration of Empire

Independence or Empire? The United Nations or the EU?


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