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The Crisis in Iraq, Irish troops & Shannon Airport

Press Release 10/07/2014

Once more Margaretta D'Arcy has been sent to prison for protesting against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA said:

"in 2003 well over 100,000 Irish people marched to oppose the iraq war and the use of Shannon Airport in that war.

We failed. With the support of the then FF/PD government, the long standing policy of Irish Neutrality was destroyed and as millions of US troops landed in Shannon Airport over the next decade and more, Ireland became a de facto US Airforce base. The policy of the current FG/Labour government  has gone further.

In its Aviation policy announced by Minister Varadkar on the 3/12/12, it seeks "additional military flights" for Shannon Airport. But Margaretta is not alone. The RedC poll commissioned by PANA showed that 78% of the Irish people supported Irish Neutrality.

Let all the political parties and corporate media that support this FG/Labour policy be aware of the consequences.

It means that Irish troops serving in the Middle East are being put in great danger as the crisis spirals out of control.

It means from the perspective of those on the receiving end of the US/Israeli wars Ireland is an integral part of the US/Israeli military axis and for them, a legitimate target.

PANA once more calls for the restoration of Irish Neutrality as a key component of Irish Foreign policy. We call upon Sinn Fein that has drafted a Bill to enshrine neutrality into our Constitution to table it now."

Roger Cole
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