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Who are the "Headbangers" now?

Press Release 31/03/10

Since 1996 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance campaigned against the neo-liberal militarist ideology of the Irish political/media elite. It leader for most of that period Mr. Ahern and his Fianna Fail Party called PANA "Headbangers". Now that this neo-liberal militarist ideology has all but destroyed and impoverished the Irish people for generations to come the question now has to be asked who were the real headbangers.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA said:
"The real "headbangers" have been the political/media elite that supported and still support this neo-liberal militarist agenda that has all but destroyed Irish society. The rich and the powerful and their media which advocate this ideology must pay for the crisis for which they are responsible. It is however, not over yet. The people of the United States are also becoming impoverished as President Obama continues to expand the wars of President Bush into Afghanistan and Pakistan and now is seeks to accelerate the move to war on Iran while at the same time gives Israel $3 billion a year so the can build houses illegally on occupied land while at the same time his own people in the USA are being evicted from their homes. Unless this neo-liberal militarist ideology is rejected by the people of the United States, the massive economic crisis they face because our close economic links will make the current crisis look like a teddy bears's picinic. PANA once more calls for the immediate withdrawal of all Irish soldiers and police from Afghanistan and the termination of any involvement with the EU Battle Groups and European Defence Agency. The reality is that the demands of the global peace movement including PANA that are the only ones that can ensure economic stability and its about time RTE and the rest of the media allowed us to make that case to the people, not just for our future but their own future as well."

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