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Press Release 24/2/10

At a NATO Conference Robert Gates, the Defence Secretary for the USA stated: " The demilitarisation of Europe-where large swathes of the general public and poltical class are averse to military force is... an impediment to achieving a secure and lasting peace in the 21st century.

Roger Cole Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance said:
"Mr Gates, the USA Defence Secretary at a time when there are massive cuts in the wages and working conditions of people all over Europe including Ireland wants the states of the EU to spend more money on weapons.

This at a time when the Dutch Government has fallen from power because the Prime Minister sought to renege on a promise to withdraw Dutch troops from Afghanistan and insisted upon by the Dutch Labour Party.

PANA understands that a proposal is to be made to the Irish Labour Party that they will table a resolution in the Dail that the seven Irish soldiers taking part in the war at a cost of €270,000 per annum also be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

What the Irish people need are jobs at home not war abroad."

For more information contact Roger Cole, Chair of PANA on Tel: 087-2611597 or Seamas Rathigan PRO Tel: 086-83693





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