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€800,000 wasted on EU Nordic Battle Group

Press Release 13/05/2010

In response to a question by Deputy Aengus O Snodaigh, the Minister for Defence stated that Irish taxpayers would by paying an estimated €800,00 to cover the costs of training in the Nordic EU Battle Group.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA said:

" For the Irish Government to allocate an estimated €800,000 for Irish Army participation in training for the Nordic EU Battle Group is a complete and total waste of money, especially at a time of massive cut backs. These EU Battle Groups should never have been established. The EU does not need nor should it have a military dimension. We were part of a militarised superstate before called the British Union that sent its Battle Groups all over the world. Once in our history is enough. It is even more crazy when it is considered that the German Constitutional Court has said no German troops can serve abroad without the consent of German Parliament which makes a total mockery of of the aspiration that the EU Battle Groups are supposed to go to war after 5 days of a vote by the EU Council of Ministers.

"PANA's total opposition to the militarisation of the EU and our participation in the Afghan and Iraq wars especially at a time of massive cuts in wages and social welfare will be echoed by Andrew Murray, Chairperson of the Stop the War Coalition in Britain who will be the speaker at the Connolly Memorial Lecture at the Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Street, D2 at 2pm on Saturday 15th of May. At a time when the new Tory Government intends to slash and burn with £6 billion worth of cuts they have no intention of cutting their £billions of expenditure on Trident or the Afghan War wen surveys show 77% of the British people want to end their occupation of Afghanistan and most do not want Trident."


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