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Victory for Irish & US Peace Movement

Press Release 08/04/10

In Jan. 09 Ed Horgan, International Secretary was granted a 10 year visa by the Bush Administration. In Jan, 2010 the Obama Administration revoked the visa after Ed had been invited to speak at a conference on rendition and torture in Duke University in North Carolina.
After an intensive campaign by PANA Ed was granted a 3 month visa and will be attending the conference.

This was a victory for the Irish and US peace movement. It was a defeat for those in favour of war and who seek to destroy free speech. A powerpoint presentation of his address in on the PANA website:

PANA would like to thank all those involved in the campaign. PANA believes that the Irish people and the people of the United States have a vested interest in ending these wars and the termination of the use of Shannon Airport in these wars needs to happen immediately. The reality is that it is only by ending these wars can economic stability be restored. Our demand is clear, JOBS AT HOME NO WAR ABROAD.

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