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Military component trade over €6 Billion

Press Release 08/03/10

A report in the Irish Times (8/3/10) states that the military component trade has increased to over €6 billion. On the 6/3/10 in the same paper an article in the business section of the same paper states that the defence sector can help put the economy on a secure footing.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA in response said:

"Since 1996 PANA has campaigned against the integration of Ireland into the US/EU/NATO military industrial structures. Our key argument on the "debate" on the Lisbon Treaty was that its core purpose was to accelerate the militarisation of the European Union and to ensure Ireland's full and active participation in this war machine. These two stories are absolute proof that everything we were saying was correct. The US/EU/NATO is now committed to an unending war in Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan/Yemen/Somalia and if they have their way Iran as well. The driving force behind these wars is the US/EU/NATO military industrial complex and the Irish political/media elite are completely determined that Ireland via its over €6 billion industry, its soldiers taking an active part in the Afghan war and the use of Shannon Airport by the US Army, that the Irish people should play their role in these imperial wars that create jobs for killing, and the hatred of Muslims that sustains them. We believe this neo-liberal militarist ideology of the Irish political/media elite is a disaster for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and impoverishes the people in Ireland the rest of Europe and the USA. On the 14/3/10 at 2.00pm Shannonwatch will be organising another vigil against this ideology at Shannon Airport. We call upon the media to give this vigil the attention it deserves."

For more information contact Roger Cole, Chair of PANA on Tel: 087-2611597 or Seamas Rathigan PRO Tel: 086-83693





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