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PANA welcomes Labour Party call for withdrawal of Irish troops from Afghanistan

Press Release 06/05/2010

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance welcome the statement from Michael D. Higggins TD, Labour Party Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs on Wednesday 5 May, calling for the withdrawal of Irish troops from Afghanistan.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA said:
"PANA opposed the invasion conquest and occupation of Afghanistan from the start. We strongly endorse the Labour Party's call for the withdrawal of Irish troops from the Afghan war especially following the decision of the Dutch Labour Party to collapse their government on the issue and the subsequent withdrawal of Dutch troops commencing in August. Public opinion polls in Britain show that 77% of the British people want British soldiers to also be withdrawn, despite the fact that political/media elite (with the exception of the Independent on Sunday) ignored the issue in their general election. PANA is absolutely confident that the withdrawal of troops by states in Europe initiated by Holland and now endorsed by the Irish Labour Party will be a demand that will grow rapidly throughout Europe."



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