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Press Release 3/1/10

The report in todays Irish Examiner (3/1/10) by Mary Regan that the Irish Government had spent almost €10 million in just three years protecting US troops passing through Shannon Airport to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is just the latest example of an Irish political elite wasting Irish taxpayers money and leading this country deeper and deeper into an even greater economic disaster, one that will make the current situation in a few years look like the good old days.

Roger Cole, Chair of Peace & Neutrality Alliance said:

"What the people of Ireland want is peace and economic stability. What the Fianna Fail dominated government coalitions have given the Irish people is war and economic disaster. All they offer now is not just more of the same but an economic Armageddon by continuing to support the imperialist Bush/Obama wars in Afghanistan/Iraq/ Pakistan and now Yemen. The reality is Obama by pursuing the neo-liberal economic and militarist policies of President Bush in favour of the US bankers and its military-industrial complex is continuing to destroy the families of middle America as can be seen from the work of Elizabeth Warren which show a massive decline in the disposable income of the US family between 1970 and 2007. They are being sacrificed at the altar of war and greed, and the Irish government are doing the same to the Irish people. The Irish Examiner by drawing attention this wasted €10 allocated to war is to be congratulated. But the rest of the Irish media is totally silent. The usual "talking heads" on RTE and Newstalk are totally silent. The absolute reality is that the US and its vassal states like Ireland, just don't have the money to wage these wars any longer and if economic stability is to be achieved then those wars have to end, and this process should start by terminating the use of Shannon Airport in them. PANA has advocated this policy from 2001 because we believe that it is in the best interests not just of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan but of the US, as well as Ireland, Britian and the other vassal states. Ignoring this reality will not make it disappear or stop it from happening. Only peace will bring stability and economic recovery and PANA intends to continue to make that case via the democratic process."

Roger Cole, Chair of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance

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