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Support Irish Neutrality, Democracy & Independence 

Join the Peace & Neutrality Alliance and defend Irish Neutrality, Democracy 
and Independence. 

PANA is a broad based alliance advocating that Ireland should have its own 
independent foreign policy, and that Irish neutrality should be restored as 
a key component of this policy, which should be pursued through a reformed 
United Nations. 

Membership is open to all individuals, groups and organisations that support our objectives.

Annual Subscription: Waged € 40 / Unwaged € 15
Group Membership: Group 1 - 250 € 60
  Group 251 - 500 € 85
  Group 501 - 1,000 € 185
  Group 1,001 - 4,000 € 400
  Group 4,001 - 10,000 € 650
  Group 10,001 + € 1,000
  Group 12,001 + € 2,000
Institutional Affiliation: € 5,000


The simplest way of joining is by posting a cheque made payable to PANA 
to: PANA, Dalkey Business Centre, 17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, 
Ireland, together with your name and address.

You can also pay your affiliation fee directly into the PANA Bank Account 
and write to PANA and/or e mail your name and address to: 
The PANA bank details are as follows: 

Bank of Ireland,
Upper Georges Street,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin
Account currency: Euro
Account number 70092684
IBAN: IE34 BOFI 9011 1670 0926 84

You can also pay a regular subscription fee by completing the standing order form below, printing it out annd posting it to: PANA, Dalkey Business Centre, 17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Ireland 

Application form (.pdf file, 72 KB)

The Irish people have fought for their National Independence for generations. We can only achieve our National Independence with the support not only of the people living in Ireland, but through the support and solidarity of our friends and allies throughout the world. 

17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.
- tel: +353 +1 235 1512 - email: - web: