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Amsterdam Treaty

The referendum was held on the same day as that of the Good Friday Agreement which meant that the media gave it very little attention compared to the Agreement, so that there was very little coverage of the issues involved. In fact, at no time during the course of the debate on the Amsterdam Treaty did any of the media alert people to the fact that a EU Army or Rapid Reaction Force of 60,000 soldiers would be created.

Article J3 of the Amsterdam Treaty states:
'The European Council shall define the principles of and the General guidelines for the common foreign and security policy, including for matters with defence implications.'

Article J7 states:
'The common foreign and security policy shall include all questions relating to the Union, including the progressive framing of a common defence policy, in accordance with the second sub paragraph (the merger of the nuclear armed WEU into the EU) which might lead to a common defence should the European Council so decide.'

- The Danish Protocoll

The movement in favour of Danish National Democracy is more powerful than in Ireland. Denmark rejected the Maastricht Treaty and ratified it only after four Declarations were added, one of which ensured that at the next Treaty, the Amsterdam Treaty, the following Protocol become part of the EU Treaties:

'With regard to measures adopted by the Council in the field of Articles J.3(1) and J7 of the Treaty of the European Union, Denmark does not participate in the elaboration and the implementation of decisions and actions of the Union which have defence implications, but will not prevent the development of closer co-operation between member states in this area. Therefore Denmark shall not participate in their adoption. Denmark shall not contribute to the financing of the operational expenditure arising from such measures.'

PANA called for a no vote to the Amsterdam Treaty and its renegotiation so that Ireland would obtained a similar Protocol. PANA again called for a no vote to the Nice Treaty if a similar Protocol was not added to it, to exclude Ireland from the militarisation of the EU. Senator David Norris proposed this when the Nice Treaty was being debated in the Senate but others refused to support it.

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