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20 reasons to say NO to the Lisbon Treaty

by Eoin Ó Broin (An Phoblacht - 17, January 2008)

IN THE coming months, the 26 Counties will hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The treaty is the most significant revision of the structures, procedures and policies of the EU since its foundation. It is vital that republicans understand the treaty and are able to debate the issues involved.

Recent Eurobarometer and Irish Times/MRBI polls indicate that Irish attitudes to the EU are changing. People are becoming more critical of the direction of the European Union. A majority of the 26-County electorate has yet to make up their minds on the treaty.

In the coming campaign every activist has a role to play in convincing friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours of the reasons why this treaty is bad for Ireland and the EU.

Download Sinn Féin, An Phoblacht article (pdf file) that shows you 20 reasons to say NO to the Lisbon Treaty

There is no doubt that the EU needs radical reform. Sinn Féin has a clear agenda for change. We want an EU that:-

  • Deepens meaningful democracy and meets the highest standards of accountability;
  • Protects and promotes human, civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights;
  • Assists member states in building prosperity and equality;
  • Combats poverty, inequality, discrimination and social injustice;
  • Pursues environmentally-responsible and sustainable policies;
  • Promotes conflict resolution, peace building and global stability;
  • Protects Irish neutrality and opposes militarisation and the arms trade;
  • Assists the developing world overcome global poverty, inequality and disease.

The Lisbon Treaty does none of these things.

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